Located strategically at Kaki Bukit, our workshop comprises of two full units, with full car servicing and repair facilities for all your automobile needs. This allows us to accommodate more cars in terms of tuning and auto workshop services.

The following list will give you an idea of the kind of car servicing, auto repairs and modifications we do

General Workshop Services

  • Repairs: Engine overhaul and gearbox rebuilding services.
  • Dynamometer Services: Discover your car’s performance with true simulated road conditions
  • Servicing & Maintenance: Keep your car performing at tip-top conditions.
  • Emissions Testing: Ensure your car emissions are within safe levels.
  • Performance Parts Installation: Equip your vehicle with cutting edge modifications

ECU Services for Overseas Clients

We can power up your car wherever you are.

No ECU remapping service available in your area?

Have a qualified mechanic safely remove your ECU and ship it to us. Within days, we will ship your dynamite ECU back to you to totally transform your ride! All cares are ensured that your ECU is safely packed and airfreighted back to you.

Our trained tuners are also available for on-site tuning services, subject to
schedule availability.

Monster Tuning Box are also available for international clients.

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Fleet Management

Optimal Service & Package for Large Fleets. A systematic and methodical approach.

As a provider of engine management solutions for Trans Cab Singapore, Monster Tune is also able to apply our custom approach to most modern fleets – in terms of fuel optimisation, performance improvement and speed-limit control.

Our fleet management experience allows us to systematically and methodically deliver mapping solutions across large fleets with minimal down time

Car Dealership Support

A Trusted Partner for Your Pre-Owned Cars. Satisfy your customers, through us.

For pre-owned dealerships that are committed in delivering quality vehicles to your customers, our diagnostic facility is able to scan the vehicle’s existing
mapping structure. Our data logging facility is also able to determine the ‘health’ of any pre-owned vehicles.

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