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Monster Tune is full service mechanical workshop with dealer-level diagnostic support, fleet management and performance modifications capability for European makes such as Audi, VW, BMW and Mercedes Benz. Monster Tune, run by a team of Europe-trained professional master tuners is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best and most accurate tune is applied to each vehicle.

Unlike some local custom car tuners who rely heavily on tuning files supplied by their overseas counterparts, our years of hard work in R&D has made us self-sufficient; with the ability to provide some of the best tuning files in this region, supplying first-class quality custom tuning files and technical support to local car workshops, local car tuners and to multiple countries in this region.

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    Results Driven
    At Monster Tune, we have taken car tuning and turned it into an art. We’re not just looking to turn your ride into a beast – we aim to make it a monster.
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    Proven Technology
    Our Mustang dyno is the leading solution for serious performance tuners. We tune based on facts of actual applied load of a car on the road or racetrack
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    Winning Service
    Every client becomes our friend, and every car, an opportunity to foster a long-term partnership with you through great results and service.
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    Top Performance
    Better results for you means better reviews for us. We take every car seriously and feel the burning passion to help you achieve the most optimal drive.

Our Custom Tuning

Big, costly branded ECU maps were the rage for many years.

Car owners used to pay top dollar for an overseas map that was good enough, but when it comes to tuning, having a custom ECU tune on an accurate dyno is essential.

With a dyno on-site, it enables us to data-log, correct all air-fuel ratio, measure critical ignition and exhaust data, and use various mapping permutations to achieve optimisation. Without open-band data logging on dyno, it is virtually impossible to achieve accurate readings.


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