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Transform Your Car

If you’re looking for improved horsepower, fuel consumption, torque and handling, look no further. Trained in the UK and Italy, Monster Tune’s team of professional tuners are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and technology capable of calibrating your car to it’s best potential safely. With years and years of research and experience with cars, it isn’t hard to know why we’re the best in the business. As we firmly believe that no two cars are the same, there is NO better way to tune your car than a custom tune.

Car Modifications & Repairs

At Monster Tune, we specialize in all kinds of repairs and modifications such as engine & gearbox overhaul and reinforcement works, hybrid turbocharger upgrades, Intercooler upgrades, cold-air intake upgrades, exhaust modifications etc. – we do it all. Let our in-house experts transform your ride into its FULL potential! Experience what it feels like to drive a Monster.

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Car Modifications & Repairs

At Monster Tune, we specialize in all kinds of hardware modifications for your car; Hybid turbochargers, Downpipes, Turbo-back exhausts, Cold Air Intake etc. – we do it all. Let our in-house experts transform your ride into its FULL potential! Experience what it feels like to drive a Monster.

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Worldwide Solutions

Our professional car tuners are readily available for international onsite services (subject to schedule availability). Wherever you are on the globe, simply book our elite services through email, phone or Whatsapp text. Alternatively, if there is no ECU remapping service available in your area, have a qualified mechanic safely remove your ECU and ship it to us. Within days, we’ll ship your dynamite ECU back to you, to totally transform your ride! All cares are ensured that your ECU is safely packed and airfreighted back to you.

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 Excellent workdone by Monster tuneGreat pricing and great service Knowledgeable team and highlyGreat advice and serviceAwesome TunePositive fruitful experience with MSTQuality service Best PriceHonest and knowledgeable tunersTrustworthy
Excellent workdone by Monster tune service! Especially derrick very knowledgeable about his job and very professional on explaining if have doubt. Really very happy on the ECU+TCU+Peddle box its really work of wonder! I would recommend it. Once again thank you Monster tune😊
Excellent workdone by Monster tune
Joseph Ip
Went to get my car tuned and changed my air intake from monster tune. Very impressed with how the car feels right away I must say. Nick was patient in answering all my queries and he very steady throughout the whole process. Great pricing and great service. Very satisfied overall.
Great pricing and great service
Lee Eddie Farihin
Enquired about tuning my car and got to talk to Nicholas about it. He is very knowledgeable and gave me advice on what to do with my car. Will highly recommend anyone who loves their car and seeking to enjoy their ride even more to visit them
Knowledgeable team and highly
Junsheng Ong
had my GLA tune up yesterday, felt the power and fast response for my ride after the tune . great advice and service from MST team. 👍👍👍
Great advice and service
Chan W Wayne
Awesome tune by monster tune and i could feel the boost right away including the sound from the new intake! fast reply and assistance from the team who were friendly and helpful! highly Recommended 🙂
Awesome Tune
Yap CHong HUan
Alvin was very responsive and friendly since our first chat on my enquiries. Visited MST today, the entire session was smooth and pleasant. As myself has no much knowledge on the works to be done, Alvin patiently explained the entire process to me (though many technical terms are new to me), that made me felt confident and I had entrusted my car to the right guy. On top of that, Alvin also shared his own experience about conti rides. Overall a fruitful experience with MST, will definitely revisit again!
Positive fruitful experience with MST
Spencer Chua
I've been servicing and tuning my car at Monster Tune for years. Excellent service, excellent knowledge, and always willing to go the extra mile by getting the best price without sacrificing quality.
Quality service
Bert T
Came here to replace cracked control arm bushings on my Tiguan. 3 other workshops quoted me $300 - $500 but they charged me only $200 - way below the others! Fantastic. Made the appointment at 11am on a Monday and everything was completed by 1215pm. Will definitely consider this place again. 5 stars for you!
Best Price
Azhar Kamar
Solid service, reasonable prices, most importantly honest, professional and some of if not the most knowledgeable tuners and mechanics in Singapore. Not sure where else you would be compelled to go especially for tuning in SG.
Honest and knowledgeable tuners
Kevin Hee
Great Service!! Been going to Monster Tune to service my car. They are very diligent in their work. Willing to go extra miles to help me. I totally trust them.
Dora The

Monster Tune  Approach

While many people are interested in only seeing engine power output as results, we go beyond that – we take a holistic approach by ensuring that the extra power doesn’t sacrifice drivability. In fact, in many cases, drivability actually improves along with fuel consumption (case-by-case basis).

If you care about your vehicle, tuning with us sets your mind at ease as we believe in loading your car with power it can withstand. Simply modifying the ECU to boost engine power isn’t good enough for us – we take into consideration factors like turbochargers, fuel injection, ignition timing, rev limit, water temperature correction, transmissions, drivetrain systems, low fuel pressure modifier etc. just to name a few. By viewing your car as a complete picture, and not in the myopic view of only the engine, the result we reap is a fantastic driving machine – a Monster.

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    Results Driven
    At Monster Tune, we have taken car tuning and turned it into an art. We’re not just looking to turn your ride into a beast – we aim to make it a monster.
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    Proven Technology
    Our Mustang dyno is the leading solution for serious performance tuners. It allows us to tune all cars with actual road load simulation for maximum tuning accuracy.
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    Winning Service
    Every client becomes our friend, and every car, an opportunity to foster a long-term partnership with you through great results and service.
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    Top Performance
    Better results for you means better reviews for us. We take every car seriously and feel the burning passion to help you achieve the most optimal drive.

Custom Car Tuning

Unlike some local custom car tuners who rely heavily on tuning files supplied by their overseas counterparts, our years of hard work in R&D has made us self-sufficient; with the ability to provide some of the best tuning files in this region, supplying first-class quality custom tuning files and technical support to local car workshops, local car tuners and to multiple countries in this region.

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